About Us

The Gautam Buddha Stores Experience


Gautam Buddha Stores is a one-stop supermarket chain that aims to offer customers a wide range of Gautam Buddha home and personal products under one roof. Each Gautam Buddha Store stocks home Lord Buddha products - including Statues, Idols, Figures, Paintings, Cloths, Books and many more - available at competitive prices that our customers appreciate. Our core objective is to offer customers good products at great value.

Gautam Buddha Stores is started by Mr. Samratbhai K. Ahire and his family to address the growing needs of the Indian family.. With our mission to be the lowest priced & high valued retailer in the regions we operate, our business continues to grow with new locations planned in more cities.

The supermarket chain of Gautam Buddha Stores is owned and operated by 3 Yes Technologies. The company has its headquarters in Nashik.


Gautam Buddha Stores is owned and operated by 3 Yes Technologies – a company founded by Mr. Samratbhai K. Ahire. Mr. Samratbhai K. Ahire is inspired by Mr. Radhakishan Damani who is respected in the business world as an astute investor in the Indian equity market, who has built a company that constantly strives towards developing a deep understanding of customer needs and satisfying them with the right products. A firm believer in core business fundamentals and strong ethical values, Mr. Damani has built DMart into an efficient, large and profitable retail chain that is highly respected by customers, partners and employees alike.

Our Mission

At Gautam Buddha Stores, we research, identify and make available new Lord Buddha relevant products and categories that suit the everyday needs of your family. Our mission is to provide the best value possible for our customers, so that everytime they spend on shopping with us gives them more value for money than they would get anywhere else.

Our Customer Service Goal

At Gautam Buddha Stores, we place strong emphasis on excellence in customer service. Our employees believe in the values of Action, Care and Truth (ACT) to get the job done, with Dedication and Determination.


Focus: To be focused about what I do.

Motivated: To be clear of achieving my goal.

Enthusiastic: To love what I do.


Respect: To respect every individual in the organisation and provide her/him with the dignity and attention to make her/him believe that she/he makes a difference to the organisation.

Listen: To listen and resolve any employee / customer grievance quickly and fairly.


Integrity: By being open, honest and fair in all our relationships and being respectful and trustful to others.

We strongly believe that honesty and sincerity are critical in achieving complete customer satisfaction. We welcome individuals who share our values and believe in leading by action.